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Amélie Bourgeois & Anne-Sophie Behaghel have this incredible ability to imagine and create innovative and unusual fragrances through words, images, feelings or sensations of touch. They pick and choose the finest natural raw materials, to develop a danse of scents and flavours. Renowned for their achievements in the Niche Perfume area, they unified their knowledge and teamed up 6 years ago to develop their creative studio in Paris. Working closely with prestigious manufacturers in the South of France, they have successfully developed a well recognized expertise in the whole perfumery industry and we were lucky enough to cross their path few years ago thanks to a niche perfume brand event in Paris. The project of creating a unique skincare line in Israel with the Banias Spring Water, Source of the Jordan River, sounded at the same time crazy and full of poetry. Our respective minds instantly followed the same creative wave and a beautiful friendship started the same day. A bunch of girls from France and Israel would soon come up with the first range of skincare products for face and body with the aim to touch all our senses.

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